Arena Wealth

Client relationships are built on trust with a focus on wealth protection and ethical conduct

Sports & Entertainment

The pressures and demands on today’s leading performers in both sport and entertainment are huge. At Arena Wealth, our aim is to enable our clients to concentrate fully on their professional careers. While their managers take care of the commercial activities and day-to-day management, we manage the financial side, in the background and on a confidential basis. We review and report to our clients on a regular basis and ensure that all their financial affairs are monitored and aligned with their objectives.

Our client roster includes some of the biggest names in global sport and entertainment. Our golf clients have won all of golf’s Major championships. Our tennis clients have won Wimbledon, the US , French and Australian Open tournaments. Our football clients have won Premiership titles, FA Cups and international honours. Other clients have won Olympic gold medals and Formula 1 World Championships. In entertainment, our clients include some of the leading performers in classical music, film and broadcast.

Through these relationships, Arena Wealth has built up a deep-rooted understanding of the financial, fiscal and administrative needs of clients competing and performing in their individual sports and have long-standing associations with many of the management agencies representing talented individuals.

We also work with emerging talent and have the experience of providing financial management and advice as clients transition to becoming leading performers with substantial increases in worldwide earnings potential. Many of our clients have been with us throughout their careers and continue to use our services once their sporting careers come to an end.